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Open invitation, you must read and agree with the Nirvana's rules before joining. The web pages are being programmed right now, please take your time to enter our community chat, and soon you can enjoy the benefits of this program. We going to open markets, create events, do podcasts, interactive video channels, music for healing, and much more. Feel free to share anything coming to your mind.

We believe in ourself , we have goals to follow and live for. This present gift is given by something more powerful, than we are capable of understanding .

We are all one, same, together connected , looking for the same goods in life. Joy and fun ! We are here to enjoy forever peace, nature, love, and mother earth.

We protect each other, we love each other over there. We are all friends.

You are here in this physical world because of the goal of god, the creator.

Nirvana Network is the whole of intelligence, thinking culture, growing community with the goals and motivations for sustainable economical friendly livable standards.
Our main focus is experiencing and enjoying life on the top, even in the dark. To have the basic survival needs, health, happiness, and family.

No overconsuming, wasting, abusing. This is a phase, a progress on the individual levels, but we try motivate each other for the good. No more competition.

Nirvana Network will offer speach of freedom , anonimity, and opportunity to be unique and in the here and now. No controls, no servers, no government. Be in total balance in every part of your life.

You are not your body , you are just an experimentation of your life, to enjoy your existence, and live at your full potential. You have habits you don't like, stop doing. Or somebody else is in control?

Please love yourself, love your life, you are here, have only one chance in this special universe experimentation. Sit down for a minute to realize what are you doing. Inspecting your life, listening to breath is key. We do not judge or differentiate people based on age, gender, color, culture. You need to accept life, and people as they are. Take your time to calm down, ignore the noise around, stay quiet, listen your heart beats, meditate, okay? Mindfulness, silence, yoga, meditation and breathworks are key in this fast-growing world. Today, right now is the moment, the present, which we must be thankful and prayer for this great gift, to be able to still live and enjoy freedom.

Our mind, our actions, our thoughts have soo much creative power. We have to just believe and do, and wait for things to set. When we are overthinking and running for something, we are failing constantly. But when we realize the power of the real now, then happens the magic , when we move the first rock to the place, its happening.

Plan your life, of course, but wisely, dont have expectations, dont plan too much on uncertainty, because the more we plan and force a conservative view, the worse it can get afterall. Invest in yourself , grow, love, and give . Spread the good, be a service, heal your surroundings . Plant a tree , be nomad, reset your ego, create music , paint or dance , be your own one, be your own self, be unique, show your heart to the world. We are one, we are in this universe are connected all way, we experience the same life from different organs. We want the same common goal, of living a good life, enjoying as much as we are there. No need to create problems , in this perfect life , there are no problems. We strange people create problems in our mind, which is just an experience for learning and grow. No matter if good or bad, we must go on. Don't lose yourself in the past or loop in future. There is no waste of time, if you enjoy your time.

Who you are? Does this question make any senes to you? Does it make any sense to compare? We are all unique superheros, its not a competition, this life. Heal yourself, and you heal the whole world. Every action, every thoughts have huge impact on world. We have the right to do things we want. We are like animals, creatures, looking for something, looking for love. Who have the right to stop us?

Just imagine your reason for the planet and people, why are you with us? Whats your goal and reason to work with you in the same club called Earth Survival. You are here, because we need you, you may not be perfect, but you know you can be improved, now you may feel better reading. Its a thing to learn, something new, from a different perspective, or culture. But the thing is, that you are a masterpiece of world, and I expect your cooperation for the whole.

You dont need to love all the same, you dont have to live in the same place, same people, same work, you can just control and manage your energies and love who you like, and how much you like.

Shall we be all more conscious? About using power, water, about our actions, the outcomes of the actions for our friends, and all the shit we put into our body without thinking about what happens in the real world while consuming all what it comes to us.

Enjoy your coffee if you like, enjoy your cigarettes , its natural, but stay in balance. Take it if you need it.

One thing I say is, that the really most important in this universe is to really forgive to all , and accept the world, and everything completely with unconditional love. Accepting past events, try to think out of box, like starting fresh, you have the right to be a new person.

You have the right to enjoy all that life can give us.

Enjoy psychedelics , it gives us a new perspective of live, and gives the ability to heal mentally and enjoy it alltogether on a different level.

Nirvana Network has no fears . Being fearless may not be impossible. The primary factor for depression and anxiety, is fears. We fear of change, death, and unknown . All parts are biologically natural, its fine. Healthy fear of deaths is normal, but in this life, there are no reasons to fear, we have it all.

Its a decision, to be happy, or to not fear. We have to believe, that after life, the better is coming. The change, our soul goes elsewhere, new things coming.

We going to see something else, thats for sure. So why are we so afraid of death, like really. Every morning, i thanks god for the moment i can wake up and breath fresh air.

Our universe is already living in luxory, we have it all, its gold everywhere. No need to stress, no need to fight, already have it all.

Life is outside. Money is nothing. Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll. Love: Nirvana.

One day you are rich, other day is over, think of money like this, the value is inside, anything else is just not yours. Inside us are the value, how we use, make sense.

Please contribute, share. Dream big, and create worlds my friends! Every moment.

Healing music

Frequencies are as natural as cats. We love playing and listening all kinds of music.


Arts are powerful. Everybody is an artist. If you can make a movement, or breath air, that's art.


Quality water, organic foods, oxygen, and a working nervous system is all you need to start running, and swimming.

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